January 26, 2015

Pastel Pink Platform Converses from Maxstar (Review + Example Outfit)

Okay, technically they're not Converse; they're Maxstar! Maxstore is a Korean brand that makes converse-like sneakers. They have an enormous selection of styles ranging from cute platforms, edgy studs, high heel wedges, and on and on. They’re on average cheaper than Converse brand by around $20. Plus, they have more designs! And as you can imagine, I picked from the cute section. :D

This review was generously (and patiently) sponsored by Maxstar. Thank you Maxstar! ♥♥

Name: Maxstar CN9 7-Holes Zipper Double Platform Sneakers Pink
Price: $49.98 (click here)

**I'm going to try and get a coupon code, so hopefully I can update with one in a couple days ^^

It arrived to me via Fedex:

Maxstar bag:

The shoes!

(Appearance, Material, Workmanship)

Here is the shoe. The color is much lighter than the website photos. I'd say my photos are quite accurate, although they are taken in ample lighting. The total added height is 6cm:

Other side:
The shoe is sturdy and well made, but it’s worth noting that the materials themselves are quite lightweight, especially when compared to Converse.

Here's the back:

Now let's take a closer look! The canvas is somewhat soft and puffy. There’s a teeny bit of cushion inside the canvas, so it’s not straight-up flat cloth like with Converse:

The painted mascot:

Shoelace grommets:


Top view of the shoes:

The toe area is made of thin, crinkly, sort of papery material:

Now onto the fun part, the platform! The pastel platform is made of firm foam:

The platform sole is glued on tightly and doesn’t seem like it’ll come apart any time soon. That being said, there are a couple areas where the platform is not 100% flush with the sole, which allows some glue to eeever so slightly peek through:

Now, the width of this glue is at most 1mm thick, so it’s really inconspicuous, but still worth mentioning just so you know what to expect!

Another thing worth noting is that towards the toe area, there is a small discontinuity between the regular shoe sole and the platform. This is what I mean:

It's caused by a length difference but structurally, the platform is still secured tightly.

The sole itself has a uniform pattern. It’s made of soft, lightweight rubber, kind of like a firm eraser:

And finally, here's the inside of the shoe!

Comfy! They’re lightweight, which makes walking easy (as opposed to having heavy shoes which would slow you down and require tons of effort to go up stairs.)

Admittedly they are still platforms, so it’s less natural than walking in regular sneakers, but not by much. Still easier than 2" heels ^^

Fit: I wear size 5.5 in America and the 230 fits me snug. With socks on, I’ve got a little less than 1cm of space at my toe area. It’s not tight; it’s literally just right. As far as wideness, I have average-width feet and my feet bulge over the sides a little bit. This made it a bit wobbly at first, but nothing I didn’t adjust to.

I love, love the design! It’s so cute and pink and unique. (Does Converse even have designs like this? I didn’t see any when I checked the website.) And as pink as it looks, I think it’s quite versatile! It could totally work for fairy kei (maybe change the laces), casual preppy, cool-but-cute gyaru, or even a soft, feminine dolly look:

Quality-wise, I think it’s great! I don’t think it’s quite the level as Converse, and I say that because the materials are more lightweight. So over time, they will probably be susceptible to more wear and tear than Converse. That being said, I would by no means call this lacking or cheaply made. Everything is put together well. I wouldn’t worry about quality too much, just be aware that it’s not quite as heavy duty as Converse. But considering it’s $20-30 cheaper than Converse (plus a way more exciting design), I think it’s a fair trade. And, it means that it's way easier to walk in than heavy platforms!

Here is one way I would wear this!


This outfit was heavily inspired by this BJD (the one on the right), although I made it a little younger and more lively:

credits and admiration to the artist


Outfit Recipe:

Bow: Forever21 in Sinsa, Seoul, 3,500₩
Circle Lenses: Premium Gem Blue from Special Lens, sponsored
Blazer: Hongdae, Seoul, 5,000₩ (altered by me)
Dress: Express Bus Terminal, 10,000₩
Scrunchie: Taobao, maybe $1ish?
Bead Bracelet: Taobao, $1
Socks: Express Bus Terminal, I think? Around 2,500₩
Shoes: Maxstar, of course!










▲ Wow, you can really see how small/short I am here, haha~ Sometimes I forget what 5'2" (157cm) looks like XD



▲ I cut my bangs too short, hehe. Bf hates it, but I like it because now I don't have to cut them for a long time!





Photo credit to Bun Fun Photography© >3< (For any new readers, that's just my Bf~ But he wants to sound fancy, hehe~)

And a big thank you to Maxstar for making this review possible! Check out their store for tons of other cool Converse-type sneakers!

I'm going to try and get a coupon code, so hopefully I can add that to this post in a few days!

Thanks for reading! How would you wear these shoes?

January 23, 2015

A comfy, true blue lens: Premium Gem Blue (dark eye review)

These lenses are a true blue—not navy blue, not turquoise, just blue. They’re large, vivid, and comfy. They’d be perfect for cosplay or cartoony looks!

These lenses were generously sponsored by Special Lens. Thank you Special Lens!


Brand: Premium Gem Blue
Diameter: : 14.5mm
Water Content: 55%
Price: $21.95

Link here

The lenses came in a little plastic container:

(The following 2 paragraphs are copied and pasted from my previous review.)

If you notice, the vial packaging is actually by Special Lens. The sales rep at Special Lens explained to me that they simply repackage the lenses with their own design. Here's what she said:
"All contact lenses are OEM lenses. Manufacturer only produced the contact lenses, they do not marketing it. We're wholesaler that ordered large number of contact lenses directly from the manufacturer, so they allowed us to have our own brand name on it as well as packaging."

Here's what it looks like:

natural window light

The lenses themselves are somewhat light blue. There is a slight white layer on the back of the lens:


For lens newbies, this whiteness helps cancel out your eye color. I have dark eyes, so the lenses show up on me as medium blue. But it’s likely different for people with light eyes. Here's how they look on me:

Extra notes:
In dim light, the lenses look dark blue. They’re not quite navy blue since that’s a different hue, but they’re dark blue! In ample or bright light (such as outdoors or in well-lit buildings), they are a vibrant medium blue—so neither dark blue nor light blue. The blue color is obvious and undeniable, even on my dark eyes. And when I look to the side, they look even lighter (because my pupil is not in the way.) As for the design details, they are somewhat noticeable from a normal talking distance, but one would also have to be paying attention.

Comfy! The lenses are pretty thin, although I wouldn't say they're very thin:

These are in the comfortable range for 14.5mm circle lenses, but not to the point that I don’t feel anything. Nonetheless, they’re still much more comfortable than many other lenses I’ve tried and are easily doable for a day out shopping.

Details: When I insert them, it feels slightly uncomfortable, although it only lasts a few minutes. Afterwards, my vision is mostly clear (about 720p on a 1080p scale.) It occasionally gets a blurry around the edges, but I reckon that’s because the lens color is blocking the edges of my iris. After about 3 hours, my eyes begin to feel tired; however, I don’t feel any scraping or sharp stinging like I do with many others lenses.

They’re enlarging, vivid, and comfy. I think they’re an all-around good pair of lenses! They’re not the mooost comfortable lenses I’ve tried, but pretty up there, especially considering they don’t scrape or like a lot of other lenses do. I also have sensitive eyes in general, so I wouldn’t be surprised if other girls felt nothing with these lenses. And gosh, they’re so so blue! I would recommend these for anyone who wants a vivid, cartoonish blue look. :)

For reference, these photos were taken outside around 4pm. The sun was beginning to set.






Thank you again to Special Lens for making these this review and these photos possible! You can browse the rest of their Premium Gem series here:

▼ ▼ ▼

Thank you for reading! As always, let me know if you have any questions regarding my experiences~ ^^