September 4, 2015

Such a great conditioner! (Plus, a giveaway for it!) Maple Holistics Silk18 Natural Conditioner Review

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Such a great conditioner! (Plus, a giveaway for it!) Maple Holistics Silk18 Natural Conditioner Review

I love this conditioner. My hair is really fried now, to the point that it actually feels like plastic fibers—squeaky, tangly plastic. Most conditioners are too light to do anything for me, but this one makes my hair feel like hair again.

The package arrived via Amazon, so it came in your typical Amazon box. And for the bottle itself, this is what it looks like:
It’s about 18cm tall and 4.8cm in diameter. The sticker does get a little crinkly in the shower, if you know what I mean? (Basically, it gets crinkly from the wetness.)

The back, with the ingredients:

aloe barbadensis leaf juice
cetearyl alcohol
behentrimonium chloride
cetearyl olivate
sorbitan olivate
caprylic capric triglyceride
argan oil
shea butter
certified organic blend pomegranate
green tea and sea buckthorn
silk amino acids
jojoba oil
natural vanilla fragrance
guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride
potassium sorbate

It’s got your typical consistency. It’s medium thick and has plenty of “moisture” in the formula:

A short video clip to give you a better idea:

The conditioner smells pretty strongly of vanilla. As far as my hair, though, it only smells a teeny bit when I put my nose right up to it.

I was blown away by the results.

So my hair is brittle and dry. It gets so tangly to the point that it’s painful to brush. This conditioner makes my hair feel smooth and sort of…lubricated. I say “lubricated” because when I run my fingers through my hair, I can feel a bit of coating rub off on my hand.

It’s definitely a heavy conditioner. My hair is normally lightweight and all over the place what with all the bleaching, but with this conditioner, it gets weighed down. It doesn’t look greasy, though. It just looks “full.” It essentially feels like I have thick, healthy hair again.

I’m not gonna lie though, I still get tangles, especially at my ends. However, combing them out is a lot less painful than it used to be. It takes one brush stroke instead of 5.

I love it!
I will admit that I was a bit skeptical due to the packaging and how normal the consistency seemed, but it turned out amazing. It’s even better than the Kao Intensive Treatment, which I previously thought was the best. (For some reason, that hasn’t been doing the trick for me lately.)

I don’t think this product will suit people with oily hair, but it should be great for people with dry, overprocessed hair like me.

If I don’t find a conditioner better than this (which seems to be the case so far), I will likely buy this again with my own money. $12 bucks seems reasonable to me, especially since the Kao one cost $18.

A big thank you to Maple Holistics for allowing me to try this product, and for reminding me that not all great products are Asian ^^;

Giveaway time!

Maple Holistics is a US company focused on creating natural, holistic, and homeopathic products. Most of their products are shampoos and conditioners, and all of them are sulfate-free. Maple Holistics is also against animal cruelty. ☺

As part of their #asummerofgiveaways campaign, they have been kind enough to give away one of these Silk18 conditioners on my blog! I would highly recommend joining this if you have dry hair like me.

To enter, please do the following!
  1. Visit Maple Holistic’s website here.
  2. Check out the Amazon listing for this product! It's got 4.5/5 stars there :3
  3. Visit their sponsor EduMuch’s page. (Their sponsor is the one responsible for the giveaway, so we should pay our dues :P )
  4. And now my favorite part: Comment below and describe your hair in one word!
    Mine would be…tortured. T^T

This giveaway will go on for 3 days, so enter now! It's open internationally, and the winner shall be chosen by random :3

Thanks for reading!

August 30, 2015

Another good Korean sunscreen! Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45/PA+++ (dry skin review)

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Another good Korean sunscreen! Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF45/PA+++ (dry skin review)

Yet another good Korean sunscreen! This one has a lightweight cream texture, but without the dewiness and oiliness. It only makes me dewy if I apply a ton. Other than that, it basically feels like nothing on my skin.

Pretty self-explanatory packaging this time! Here are the English sides of the box it comes in:

The full list of ingredients can be found here on Missha's US website.

Here is the tube. It's made of soft plastic, so it deflates when you use it:

I thought the shiny cap was quite pretty ^.^

It smells light and refreshing, I want to say like flowers?

It’s a lightweight cream. It spreads easily and requires a bit of blending, but it doesn’t tug at your skin:

On my face: It feels gooey and sticky at first, but it absorbs within a few minutes. After that, there is no dewiness or oiliness. My skin feels matte, and at the very most, slightly tacky. There's no white cast with this one.

Now if I apply a ton, that is, closer to the 1/4 tsp that you’re supposed to apply, then my skin gets pretty dewy:

And after all that completely absorbs (in about 10 minutes or so), my skin feels like it has a thin coating of oil on it. It's as if I had applied an oil ampoule. It doesn’t feel heavy, though.

Basically, it really depends on how much you apply! If you apply a little, there’s not much texture once it absorbs. If you apply a lot, you get a bit of oil coating left on your face.

Foundation’s texture: When I apply a lot of this sunscreen, it makes my BB cream look slightly less powdery, but not by a whole lot. Here is a close up picture:
In the first photo you can see that it looks a bit powdery and dry, whereas in the second photo it looks more streaky. It basically looks more "melted together."

It's noticeably smoother close up, but not so much from an interpersonal distance. If you want a greater effect on your foundation, I’d go for something creamier or oilier.

Foundation’s lasting power: It did not weaken my foundation’s lasting power.

I like it a lot and would definitely recommend it! Good texture, great scent, and a sliiightly positive effect on my foundation.

I will say, though, that if you have very dry skin, this sunscreen probably isn’t your ideal. It’s good, but maybe not great. It doesn’t offer the dewy moisture that other sunscreens (like the Skinfood or The Saem) do.

Other than that though, I have no complaints! It all comes down to your personal preference, really. :)

Thanks for reading! If you have any specific questions about the sunscreens I have (like which one is creamier between the two), feel free to ask ^^

August 28, 2015

Love this product! Etude House Color in Liquid Lips PK001 Mini Review

Great color, great payoff, good lasting power—no complaints here!

The color is bright magenta pink. It’s pretty loud, definitely not a soft pink:

It’s very opaque. 3 dabs is enough to cover my entire lips with vivid color. Most of the color does rub off on my napkin much like a normal lipstick would, but it also leaves behind a noticeable tint.

As far as texture goes, it’s a liquid lipstick. It’s like a creamy, non-sticky lip gloss:

It smells like fruit-flavored cough syrup to me.

I love it and would recommend it!

Thanks for reading!

August 25, 2015

My "dont bother me" outfit

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My "dont bother me" outfit

Some days, I just do not want to deal with people. And on days like that, this is the type of thing I wear:

This is, for me, what I would consider a “tough girl” look. The reason I wear this sort of thing is because I have this theory that:
  1. If I dress "tough,” people will be less likely to bother me...kinda like resting bitch face!
  2. If I dress tough, I’ll feel tough, too! I've found that the things I wear have a huge effect on how I carry myself.
  3. Although this look involves a ton of makeup, it's still considered more normal than excessively cute and dolly stuff.
So for this particular outfit which I wore to run errands, here are the individual components!

The jumper dress I am wearing is from Forever21. Layered underneath it is my “Someday” shirt, which you can see better here: My Korean 90s style outfit

It’s an incredibly wide T-shirt, which actually suits this look better. Had I worn a form-fitting shirt, I would have looked petite, refined, and put together. The fact that this shirt is sliding off my shoulders and bulging out of the sides gives a sort of “I don’t care” feel.

As for the accessories, I am simply wearing a grey and black snapback. (It's helpful for hiding greasy hair, hehe.) I don’t have much jewelry, so I took full advantage of my ear piercings instead. The little wing on my cartilage is my favorite part ^^

Moving onto shoes, I am wearing my Demonia leopard creepers paired with white lace socks!

I actually didn’t plan on wearing these socks, but I had nothing else available. It turned out fine, thankfully! This lace sock/creeper combination reminds me of feminine goth, like the alternative stuff you see on Tumblr. On the other hand, plain white socks would have looked more boyish and straight-up street fashion-y. Both work, in my opinion!

And finally, my makeup. My makeup today consists of winged liner, red lipstick, and arched eyebrows:

I never thought I'd say this, but arched eyebrows are reaally growing on me! I don’t use them for dolly looks, but they do seem to work well for this one! My makeup looks a bit dirty here because of the contrast, but it wasn’t that bad in real life ^^; Here are some selca (pulled from my Twitter) to balance it out :3

I’m wearing my brown silicone hydrogel lenses (review here), which I highly recommend if you need comfy, everyday lenses. I often forget that I’m even wearing these, which is bad because I almost fall asleep with them on -_-

Thank you for reading! What's your “don't bother me” look?