April 18, 2014

Diaries of Korea: My first time ordering food delivery!

A little bit about food delivery in Korea:

After living in Korea for a little while, I came to realize that food delivery is a BIG thing here. I'm not talking just McDonalds and Burger King. All sorts of restaurants deliver! How did I come to learn this? Well, every day I would come home and see a delivery moped parked outside my officetel. And every other day I'd share an elevator with a delivery man. Oh, that torturous, tantalizing smell of chicken... (Fried chicken seems to be the most common thing ordered, at least from what I noticed in my officetel.)

They’d also post ads on my door quite often. Chinese food, Korean food, pizza, pasta, small finger foods, big group plates~ The ads ranged from little papers to full on booklets, equipped wwith magnetic strips as to stick on my door!

Some of the chains are endorsed by celebrities, so you might see some familiar faces on these advertisements. Gongyu, Suzy from Miss A, MC Yoo~ Now that’s not to say that only big chains deliver. Little Korean restaurants do too! In fact, in my neighborhood I’d often see ajummas carry trays of food ontop of their heads while delivering to nearby businesses on foot!

My first experience: Yogio to the rescue!

I had always wanted to try food delivery, but I was too scared because of my bad Korean. And that's where Yogiyo comes in! Yogiyo (요기요) which means "here" in Korean. (Well, technically it’s 여기요, but let’s not go into that. :P) Yogiyo is both an app and a website that lets you order food delivery!

I heard about it from my fat boss, but I had also seen lots of ads on Youtube for it. Personally I found the ads a bit disgusting because of how piggylike the people were eating… (It's my pet peeve.) But don’t let me keep you from enjoying them!

I'll make a little guide later about how to order, but just know that it's really fast and painless! Here is me filling out the address form:

(My pictures have bad lighting because this was a case of late-night munchies~)

As for me, I thought I'd start my initiation into the world of food delivery with a basic black bean noodles. But since they had a minimum purchase of 9,000₩, I got some dumplings too! If I remember correctly, the noodles were 5,000₩ and the dumplings were 4,000₩. This is the confirmation page I got after ordering:

And within 10 minutes, there was a knock on the door from the delivery man!

What happened next really surprised me. When I opened the door, he started walking towards me. I wasn't sure what was happening, so I backed up. But he kept walking towards me, and I was forced to keep backing up. Eventually this awkward cornering stopped when was fully inside my entryway. The door had closed and he was right about to step into my actual house.

That's when he put down a big metal box. He knelt down, slid up the side door of the box, and took out my food. He placed the bowls on the floor (my actual floor, not my entryway floor.)

Aha, so that's why he came in! He had to put the box down to take out my food! Now I know~ (However, the second time I got food I automatically backed up and the delivery man was confused and awkwardly came inside. I noticed later by observing my neighbors that for small things [small boxes of fried chicken, for example] they don't necessarily have to come into your home if they can just give it to you then and there. Embarrassing~ )

I asked the man how much it was, and the price he gave me was a 500₩ more than the price on Yogio’s website. I paid anyway. If he was trying to cheat me 500₩ (50cents), then he’s a petty man… But besides that, no delivery fee or tip! I only paid the cost of the food.

This time my food came in Styrofoam bowls:
Two pairs of chopsticks…? Are they calling me a piggy?

Here you can see the noodles look like before mixing the sauce~

Everything is covered in plastic wrap, and boy is it a pain to remove!

After tearing it apart, my feast is finally ready!

It tasted alright~~ (I'm quite picky ^^) But it definitely tastes like the restaurants I've had!

Overall, I had a good experience! I can’t get over how SUPER convenient it is! Coming from the suburbs of California, food delivery of this level is a new concept to me. It's like a whole new world of possibility...

What kind of food delivery do you have around you? I’m curious about big cities in America as well as other countries!

April 16, 2014

Holika Holika Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner #10 Chocolate Citrine Review

You may have seen this eyeliner before! It's a bestselling item from Holika Holika. I know there are many reviews out there already but I think what I have to say is a bit different from what others have said before me. :)

This review is kindly sponsored by Honest Skin. Thank you Honest Skin!


Brand: Holika Holika
Name: Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner #10 Chocolate Citrine
Amount: 2.2g
Actual Weight: 7.8g
Price in Korea: 4,900KRW
Price on Honest Skin: $6.00 (Click here)

It's encased in plastic, but you sharpen it like a regular pencil.

As you can see the two o's have rubbed off:

It actually came like that, and no more has rubbed off since then. The writing doesn't rub off easily.

Overall, it's a cool, dark brown. It can also be milk brown if I apply gently. When I actually wear it on my eyes, it basically just looks like a soft black. The finish is matte.

When I draw a thick layer on the back of my hand (see right), it feels smooth—not quite creamy, but smooth. ►

But here's the thing. When it comes my actual eyelid: First, I don't press that hard. I try to be gentle. Secondly, my eyelids are not as smooth as my hand. The skin is thinner, and I have fine lines and creases from blinking. And third, my eyeballs are round, not flat like my hand.

So in terms of actually applying it on my eyelid, I don't press nearly as hard, and consequently, the texture fares quite different. It doesn’t feel smooth or creamy. There’s a lot of tug, and it almost feels like a light scraping. It applies unevenly and tends to form little clumps:

It goes on slightly smoother on my lower eyelids, but the problem with clumps/unevenness still applies. Strangely enough, this doesn’t happen all the time! Sometimes it goes on smoothly. Then a few strokes later it feels dry and doesn’t apply evenly. After a few more strokes it’s smooth again. It also seems smoother when I don't use primer, seeing as primer makes my eyelids stickier.

Now it is smoother and more consistent if I press hard, though I still wouldn’t call it creamy. And pressing harder also requires me to hold my eyelids taut for the strong tug.

I unfortunately can’t explain why it’s different between my hands and eyelids, but that’s why I’m including observations for both!

Again, I experienced a bit of discrepancy here between my hands and eyelids.

I. On my hand: It tests very waterproof and smudgeproof on the back of my hand:

II. My Eyelids (rubbing only): On my eyes it still rubs off some, even after letting it settle. It doesn't rub off a lot, just a little each time. Here I rubbed a little more than I would irl: (FYI: My eyelids are a little oily, but not overly so.)

III. My Eyelids (water and then rubbing): As for water, water alone doesn’t cause it to smudge. It’s mostly the rubbing. Here I've poured water on my eye, followed by rubbing:

Here’s how it lasted on my eyelids on a typical day. Throughout the day I sometimes scratched my eyelids—because eyes get itchy, right?—but I did so gently. I also dabbed away some tears after yawning. Almost every time I touched my eyelids (especially when I had tears), I’d see a little eyeliner on my finger:

To summarize: Overall, the eyeliner is still there and definitely visible, but much of the vividness has faded. The little clumps from the uneven application (see “with primer”) are also gone.

Honestly, I wonder if mine was a dud, considering that this is a popular product and bestseller for Holika Holika. But as it is, this is not my favorite eyeliner, and I wouldn’t buy this myself. However, the other colors in the series could be different! And I will also warn you that I am not an avid pencil user. Who knows, I could just REALLY suck at using pencils! (Though I can't imagine being that far off...)

Thank you again Honest Skin!

Has anyone else tried this pencil eyeliner? What were your experiences? Please share below!

April 15, 2014

Snippets of Everyday Life, Ep.10: Seollal Snippets Part 2

One day during the Seollal break I had dinner with Jiyeon. I don't remember which day it was exactly, but it was before Sunday, when she suddenly flaked on me for inexplicable reasons...

Underground Shopping Center

Sinchon station (where we met) has an underground shopping center, and it's even connected to Hyundai Department Store on top! Jiyeon wanted to look at jackets so we went to the underground shopping center. This underground shopping center was much nicer than the usual subway shopping!

It was early spring and there were quite a bit of pastel blazers coming out!

The store across the way was also loaded with pretty pastel stuff! I really liked this store’s setup, I thought it was very pretty~ But does anyone else find those ball heads really terrifyingly disturbing?

To me it looks like something from a nightmare and definitely gives me the heeby-jeebies. Jiyeon didn't seem to mind though...How about you?

And strangely enough, despite seeing pastel coats in stores, I didn't see people wearing pastel coats in real life...People still wore their black or navy pea coats. If anything, green military jackets were becoming more and more common, but not pastel! I wonder why there's such a discrepancy. How do the stores make money?

Anywho, this shopping center even had an Eblin store! If you follow me on FB, Twitter, or Instagram you already know how beautiful this lingerie brand is. I just love that bustier!

Here is a big mural they had near the exit. If I remember correctly, it had real leaves! I like how her outfit looks against the green foliage~

Wandering Sinchon in Search of Food:

As we left the station looking for a place to eat, we noticed this GINORMOUS crab on the side of this building. Seriously, notice how that crab is the size of a full-length window!

This also gives me the heebie jeebies because it resembles a spider, but it was impressive nonetheless!

Sinchon is normally pretty busy, but for once, it was refreshingly quiet because of Seollal. This is at the intersection of two lively streets:

Here is a panoramic video to give you an idea ^^ There's still a lot of people (compared to plazas in America, I think), but this is nothing compared to a normal night! Notice how everyone is decked out in dark colors~

You can hear a store worker calling for people to come in. "1+1!"

Do you remember these little guys from one of my previous snippets? Still such a cute way of posting signs! ^^

Dinner at Japanese Restaurant

It was one of those nights where it’s deciding what to eat is like pulling teeth. After wandering the cold for what seemed like forever, we finally chose a restaurant! It was a Japanese restaurant right next to Hello Kitty Cafe. This is the entire restaurant. Not a big establishment!

This was the tea set we received first:

We ended up ordering waay too much food! The first things that arrived were our drinks and salad. I spy a Welch’s soda can:

In Korea they often give you the full can and you pour it into the cup yourself. I don’t remember having that in America…or do they? It also seems that Welch’s is a common inventory in restaurants here, which I would have never thought! Welch's, of all things!

Second in our feast was a sushi roll:

The sushi was WAY expensive here! For some reason I thought it’d be cheaper in Korea, but it was like 9-13,000KRW a roll! I genuinely think the cost of living is pretty comparable to the States in many ways--except here, people make much less.

And last was our curry! T'was ok from what I remember.

On our way out, I noticed this decoration in the stairwell. I personally like windows with shutters and awnings~~~

Truth be told, I was pretty relieved to leave the restaurant. From the minute we stepped in, the server guy kept staring at me. >.< I wonder why...I wasn’t even wearing my usual makeup. It was hard to enjoy my meal knowing I was being watched, especially since the counter where he was at was in my view, and even more so because I’m a messy eater!

This is outside the restaurant:

In Korea you can be very touchy touchy with your SO in public! :D Once, this girl next to me on the subway danced her fingers up and down her boyfriend's upper thigh, stroking it in a sexually suggestive way.

And last but not least, we found a backpack for gigantic people. It's so big you could probably stuff a toddler inside!

The style for the two backpacks on the right is very popular amongst guys here! Boxy shape, navy blue, and brown buckles. It matches their pea coats very well ^^

Thanks for reading~ By the way, do restaurants where you are give you the full can of soda? Or do they just fill and refill it in the back?