January 25, 2016

How the heck do you use Instagram?!

I just made an Instagram (@tobealivingdoll) but have no idea what to put on it—food? selfies? High quality selfies? I’m already posting stuff on Twitter and Facebook, so I’m at a complete loss as to what to put on Instagram!

Look inspired by Sakimi-chan’s art here

It seems that Instagram has since evolved from it’s initial “cell-phone-only- days,” but I’m still not sure what it’s turned into. Is it a hub for inspiration? Or for getting personal?

Tell me, what do you use Instagram for? And what do you put on your own?

Also, please leave your Instagram below so I can check it out—or rather, check you out! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) I’d also be grateful for any recommendations in the kawaii/Harajuku/dolly/gyaru/BJD department! Thank you very muchly! ^.^

January 16, 2016

What it’s like to have me in the car (VLOG)

So my bf and I went to the outlet to buy some Coach bags to bring back to Taiwan (they love them Coach there!) but along the way I got a bit upset at the gas station manager. But no matter, I don’t stay angry for long!

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Some extra tidbits about this video!

Weight gain:
If I look a bit chubby in this video, it’s because I am! This video was shot back in December, and I had gained a lot of weight from the holidays. I think look like a boiled egg XD

Why I was mad:
I didn’t explain it well in the video since I was caught in the heat of the moment, but the reason I was upset was not because I couldn’t use the restroom, but because of how he “said” it.

The dude shook his head at me. And it wasn’t even a normal head wiggle, it was the most exaggerated, chin-jut-out, let-me-sniff-the-fart-I-just-released pendulum swing. And I found that so patronizing.

It’s hard to explain, but I think if you imagine it yourself it’ll make more sense: You go up to someone and ask them a question—the answer to which is fine either way—but they don’t even bother to answer you properly. They don’t speak to you like a normal person. They just shake their head the way I demonstrated in the video. And they do that before you even finish your sentence, too. It’s just so rude! Hopefully I'm not the only one that thinks so...And having just come from Taiwan, it was even more of a shock.

Thank you for watching and reading! I hope you enjoyed the Cpop *3*

December 27, 2015

Meh :< Missha Magic Cushion Moisture (dry skin mini review)

In continuation with my other Missha Magic Cushion review (which turned out to be high coverage but weird lasting power), here is the Moisture version! The packaging/coverage/color are all basically the same, except that this one looks really, really powdery on me.

It makes my skin look old and porous, even if I only put a little bit. I think part of this is because the puff you use to apply has holes in it, making the application look porous/powdery.

On the plus side, this one doesn’t melt off weirdly like the other one (which you can see pics of here), so the powderiness does get better with time once my own sebum starts to come out. That being said, it’s still too powdery for me to wear outside. Even regular BB Cream is more wearable for me.

That’s just me and my dry skin, though!

Thank you for reading!

December 10, 2015

I got to shop in Harajuku for free~!! Here's my vlog!

Hint: There is Liz Lisa and Tralala involved~!

On the second day of our Beauty Bound Asia trip, ICON Asia gave us $110 to go shopping in Harajuku! How amazing is that?!

I decided to hunt for something totally dolly, and that you could only find in Tokyo. Here’s my vlog! My goodness, editing took so much time and effort @_@

There are English captions if you want to know what everyone is saying!

It was actually kind of stressful, to be honest with you! You ever get so overwhelmed by the choices that you find yourself stressed out trying to decide, when you really should be squealing?

So the entire time I was intensely debating whether to go whimsical dolly (like Liz Lisa), autumn/winter dolly (like FINT), or casual cute (like varsity jackets with bears on them!) It was such a hard decision! And when I finally settled on getting a dress from Tralala, I had to remove my hair buns to fit through the collar! And I got lost going to the café, too!

Oh, and I think I should clarify: When I said I liked that person, it wasn’t romantically! The blush was just added for fun. I do, however, reaaally like people who are nice, like in the video. Does anyone else get that? Like, if someone is friendly, I find myself almost “infatuated” with them, just minus the crush. It’s like, “Ahh, I really like you!!”

Anyways, thanks for reading and watching! Lemme know if you enjoyed it!