December 24, 2013

A super fancy cafe! Palace Cafe: 공주가사는궁전같은

Jiyeon and I had originally planned to try out Ann House this past Sunday. It so turns out that we have faaaantastic taste in cafes, because all the rooms were taken! It was going to be a 30 minute wait! No way! Ann House will just have to wait; another cafe would do instead. :)

We happened upon this glorious Victorian(??) café, which of course had me sold. Totally my cup of tea!

However, I was hesitant if Jiyeon would want to go, but thankfully she really enjoyed it!

It’s called 공주가사는궁전같은:

As you can see there’s not really an English name, but it baaasically/kinda means “Where a princess would live.” Princess indeed, take a look at that beautiful mirror!

And yes, a good portion of Korean girls love red, RED hair! This shade of red *is* a bit unique, though. Most red-headed Korean girls have burgundy red. Still pretty intense if you ask me.

Moving on~! Allow me me share my café experience with you!

When you walk in, you are greeted by this grandeur staircase:

The chandelier looks really pretty against the background~

Once you climb the staircase, you see a glass cabinet covered with trinkets—one of many such cabinets in this café!

I spy a face~ Can you tell if it’s a boy or girl? XD

Here's the china that was inside that cabinet:

To the left of this cabinet is the counter:

As we came up, the guy promptly asked us: Smoking or non-smoking? The answer is non-smoking! ^^

He led us through what seemed like a maze of narrow walkways and curtains. When we reached a small corner, he pulled back a curtain to expose a tiny booth for two! It consisted of a small table and two sofa chairs. I don’t have any pictures of the booth itself, but here were some of the furniture inside!

The lamp behind my chair:

The lamp on our table. I love the detail!

The vase behind my chair:

Because the booths are side-by-side and only separated by curtains, you can kind of see into their booth~

About the cafe layout:

Basically, you’ve got a bunch of booths all lined and separated by curtains. That means that when you peek outside, all you see are curtains and narrow walkways, like this!

Here’s a video to give you a better idea! I’m sorry it’s shaky, but at least it gives you an idea! (I’ll do better next time~)

I also managed to peek inside an empty big-sized booth. It was very spacious! Two sofas and two sofa chairs!

View 1: Sofa 1

View 2: Sofa chair

View 3: Sofa 2

View 4 (further away)

View 5: The curtain that closes off the booth

^ And if you look in the background in this last picture, you can see a whole array of curtains!

And here is another video to give you an idea of the size!

Cafe Decorations:

Dotted around the café are little cabinets filled with trinkets. Most of them were blingy, swavorski-type I didn't care for, but here are the antique pieces that I did like!

^ Can you just imagine using a telephone like this? *3*

That china….

Café Drinks:

After exploring the café, it was finally time to sip and chat! Jiyeon got a latte and I got a Caramel Capaccino. They each came with biscuits and cute little spoons~

I had asked for a little bit of whip cream on my capaccino…but does this look like a little bit to you?

It was a mountain! Poopy server guy! I know he knew what I meant! Bad man is sabotaging my diet…

Each drink was 8,000KRW, a bit pricier than other cafes. But as someone has told me before, in Hongdae, you pay for the concept! And at least the drinks were yummy!

After 2 hours, we were on our way~ As we left I noticed this portrait by the doorway~

Oh~ I like old Europe!

And some lamps on the other side of the doorway. Actually, you can see the portrait in the reflection!

The one bad part:

I love everything about this café except one thing: CIGARETTES! If you come to Korea, you know that many cafes have a smoking room. This café has no smoking room persay, but a “smoking section.” The thing is, the booths are only divided by curtains, so the smell permeates. When we went, the whole café smelled like cigarettes to some degree, though some areas were much better than others. Jiyeon and I were unfortunately seated right next to a smoking booth, so it was pretty bad. 2-3 hours of nonstop smoke… >.<

I’m very picky about this kind of thing because it makes my head hurt. This café is totally worth going to once, but I can’t say I’m excited to go again because of the smoke. I hope you can have better seating than I did~ (Hint: Closer to the bathroom is better, but it’s mostly group seating there!)

Anyways, here’s the address in case you want to go! ^^ It's in Hongdae.
서울특별시 마포구 서교동 364-1
Click here for map.

Would you like to visit this cafe? ^^

P.S. Is it really Victorian? Someone correct me please!


  1. Oh my... the decorations are absolutely gorgeous! I love the concept of this cafe, however the cigarette smell would definitely be off-putting. I hate it when people smoke, whenever I walk past someone smoking I usually hold my breath.

    That is indeed a lot of whipped cream, although I think Starbucks gives even more? Haha This is why I avoid eating outside now, it completely messes up my diet!

    1. Hehe, I'm glad you liked it! Haha, I hold my breath too!! I really don't like it. And spitting too, omg! So many people spit here! I've seen girls spit too, omg!

  2. Oh my goodness! This cafe is really pretty, and the decor is amazing! Too bad about the smoke smell though. >_< Still, I'd love to visit this place if I could ^^

    1. Yeah, it's so pretty! I think if you can put up with smoke for a few hours, it's still definitely worth visiting once!

  3. What a beautiful-looking cafe! I love the concept, and wish there were these kinds of cafes around my city. They make for really cozy meeting spots. It's such a shame about the smoking section though. I didn't know that smoking inside food and drink establishments are still popular.

    Thanks so much for sharing these photos and videos - I had no idea these sorts of cafes even exist!

    1. Mm! That's exactly right! Cafes are such great meeting spots, and this kind of dim-light, sofa-lined decor makes it so cozy for chilling with friends!
      It is such a shame..Yep! Even smaller restaurants sometimes have people smoking inside...And then the Korean Korean style restaurants (with the circular tables) totally have people smoking... :(
      And you're welcome! Thank you for reading! ^^

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  5. It's a gorgeous cafe! The interiors and the furnitures definitely looks like they came from the Victorian era! I agree with you on that smoking area issue. They should have made a separate one area for it, and it's really bad for the customers because like what you said, there's a lot of curtains and some chemicals from cigarettes somehow sticks on some cloths, you know, and also causes diseases even if you're not inhaling real cigarette smoke.

    1. Yeah! Really bad planning on their part...they should just ban smoking there altogether! Now that you mention it and I think about it...the smell and tar has probably soaked into the furniture ToT

  6. I totally understand how you feel about the smoking section. I get really bad migranes from Cigarette smoke and I feel sorry for all those pretty victorian things that must be absorbing the terrible cigarette smell.. That stuff lingers!

    1. Oh! You too! I get bad and instantaneous migraines! You're right, all that prerty stuff must have yellowed from the smoke >.<

  7. Wow the cafe is just so luxurious for the cafe ㅋㅋㅋ haven't seen one in Indonesia, and for a cup of copaccino cost 8000KRW so expensive >3<, I even don't want to pay more than Rp 10.000/1000KRW for a cup coffee hahahaha XD..

    The decorations are looks so interesting, it seems to much stuff inside, dont you feel theres too much stuff inside. I mean dont you feel crowded?

    1. It is very expensive! When I first came to Korea I thought the base price of 5,000KRW was expensive, but I think I got used to it now...That's why I think 8,000KRW is doable. T_T Omg, 1000KRW sounds amazing *_*

      It does feel a bit crowded! Our booth was really small. I also thought it kinda felt a bit "shabby" because of all the brown couches, you know? If the couches had a wooden border surrounding them, it might feel more elegant..

      Like these!

  8. ommmmmmg BEAUTIFUL!!
    this cafe is absolutely stunning and im sure you looked like a cute little doll perfectly suited for the environment
    i wish i could go!

    1. Hehehe, thank you~!! It is sooo beautiful! Oh you know how to flatter me >3<

  9. thats really fancy!!!
    but i am wondering something.. why you called the tea cup set with 'china'.. is it something used globally? is it just me who dont know about this? because this is my first time. hahaha..

    1. Oh~! Hmmm china means like.. porcelain stuff~! I've always seen it used for tea sets and stuff like that ^^ I thought it was crazy when I first learned that as a kid too!

  10. What a shame about the smoking room...but come on. Why on earth would they think a curtain would suffice to block off such a strong odor? -.- It's not fair to people like yourself or those with poor lung conditions. Such a lovely looking establishment too...that's a pity.

    1. That's true! Or maybe they just didn't care that much, because smoking is pretty common here, including smoking in restaurants/cafes. It is a real pity. Just one bad point, but a strong one at that...

  11. That place is amazing!! :O I seriously love this post :) thank you for sharing all those beautiful pictures with us! I'm a little jealous, we don't have things like that where I live :(... It's such a shame about the smoke though, it gives me headaches too, so I understand -.- but the coffee did look great!

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. Thank you Carla! I'm so happy you like my cafe posts ^_^
      I'm sorry to make you feel jealous! I know though, America doesn't have this stuff at all!! But maybe someday you can come to Korea and see them for yourself! ^^ When I go back to the states I might just turn my kitchen into my own coffee shop corner...hehe~And The coffee was indeed yummy! :D


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