December 29, 2013

Two little announcements

I have two things to announce.

1. I got hair extensions today. OMG I KNOW RIGHT?! My first extensions ever!
But let me explain! I feel like SUCH a hypocrite after talking about rocking a bob…but here's the thing: The bob looked great because the hairstylist did it. I can't style hair for the life of me. For the past week I've ended up just looking like a dandelion. And that kinda took a toll on my doll confidence…so in a spur-of-the-momment decision today, I decided to get hair extensions!

I paid 250,000KRW. It's real human hair and it brought me from bob to lower-back length! Does anyone know if that's expensive?

I feel very pretty~ I may or may not have flipped my hair in front of the mirror for an hour...

Did anyone notice my little paper doll in the back? Heehee, he's so cute~! It's Chanyeol from EXO. I got it as a freebie from Nature Republic! I don't know EXO members, but I chose Chanyeol because he's very beautiful! He sits on my desk and watches me work, inspires me to be pretty, and judges me when I don't study. >.< He is my cute Judging Chanyeol~!!

2. I haven't posted lately, but for a logical reason! (At least I think I'm logical~)
This is one of my only vacation times, so I'd rather utilize my time exploring and taking pictures. I'll sort through them and write the posts later. Once I start work on Monday, I will have only a few hours in between getting home and sleeping. It's much easier to write posts than go exploring in that amount of time!

Trust me though, I've got lots on my mind! I've also decided to take a chill pill and just blog as I please. :3 A happier me makes happier entries!

Some things to look forward to:
  • Minnie Mouse Collection reviews
  • BJD cafes
  • Snippets
  • BJD Journey--I'm getting a BJD~!!!!!!!!! *hyperventilates*

Also, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and if I don't get to tell you before…Happy New Year~!


  1. I totally understand the part about having great hair days after walking out the saloon, but being completely unable to recreate the look after that. T__T As long as you feel good about yourself, don't have to care about what people say about your choices. :D Please enjoy your holiday time! ^^
    (Aaaah, I want to get the EXO standees too but they still haven't arrived in Malaysia according to the Malaysian Nature Republic store T_T *cries* My friend went to Korea for holiday last month and bought stuff from there but she didn't take the standee omg I was so upset HAHAHAHA)

    1. Oh~! Is that what they're called in Malaysia? Saloons? :D
      Omg, hahaha~ I can understand why you'd be so upset/disappointed! Hmm, how long will it take for them to arrive? Are the freebies the same as in Korea, except it just takes longer to get there?
      Thank you Laura! I hope you have a good New Year~!! ^_^

  2. I know what you feel Airi, back to the beginning is the best choice I think :> well we have something in common, I also can't styling my hair XD I will let the wind do the job for me when I go to school~ haha
    Btw those picture above to be honest, really scare me out >3< You remind me of Sadako! Haha Pale skin and black hair >3<

    1. :3 Let the wind do the styling on your way to school, that is the cutest thing I've ever heard!! *_*
      Hehehe, :well thank you~! Dl I kinda didn't want to take a boring picture, and I kinda like creepy stuff~! ^3^

  3. I totally understand you, I can't style my hair either ;_; So don't feel bad since you'll rock the extensions, too!

    And please enjoy your holidays, your rwaders understand and will be looking forward for your return~~ <3

    1. Oh I'm so happy and relieved to know I'm not the only one who can't style! I see so many girls with great hair >.<
      And thank you! <3 You too! Have a Happy New Year~!!!

  4. I know exactly how you feel... I'm terrible at styling my hair too > < 250,000KRW is a lot of money, but you look so pretty with long hair it might just be worth it! (not that you didn't look pretty with a bob or anything ^^)

    Ahh I'm so jealous! I know Nature Republic is having an event right now where you can get EXO goodies if you spend a certain amount, I want the 2014 calendar so badly. > <

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy your holidays and rest. Happy New Year~

    1. Hehe, thank you Gloria! Mm, it is quite a bit of money! I've spent so much on my hair these past few weeks ToT (scaling twice, now this...)

      Yes! I think I saw the calendar! Ah, too bad I don't shop at Nature Republic enough to pick one up for you! T_T Do they have Nature Republic in Cali yet?

      Thank you, you too! Happy New Year~!!

  5. Hahaha I understand what you mean, it's one thing when the hairdresser does your hair and it looks just perfect that day and you love it... then you wash it and it's a completely different thing :D haha... It looks nice, I really love long hair, I freak out every time someone talks about cutting it D:

    Happy New Year to you too! ^-^

    Lipstick and Mocha

    1. It's so sad ToT What gets me the most is when all they do is just blowdry it with the brush....And even that is impossible for me. It just requires so much coordination, goodness!
      Oh~ how long is your hair? *_*

  6. I can feel you Airi
    I've experienced the same thing..
    It looks so nice at the saloon but when i'm home, it doesn't look that pretty anymore lol XD
    Btw, your hair extension looks so good on you Airi :)

    1. Thank you! >3<
      It's so sad! It seems like almost everyone can't recreate the look from the hair salon...but then the stylists do it so so easily! What do they have in them that the rest of the population do not.... ToT

  7. I love having hair extensions, clip-on extensions are great for night-outs when no one can tell the difference anyways cus it's dark kekeke :D

    And I have been using my vacay time to take sooo many pics! Can't wait to blog about them! I've just followed you via GFC, looking forward to your next post!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
    MangoRabbitRabbit's BlogSephora Rose Gold Eyeliner: Before & After!

    1. I've never tried hair extensions before, but you seem to be quite the pro! :D
      That makes two of us then! Let's get busy writing up! +_+

  8. The hairstyle looks super cute on you and I totally understand not having any idea how to style the bob. I had a short haircut for a year and I spent everyday with the same style and totally hating it! Oh and what a cute chanyeol you have!! hehe~ I really want my own Sehun or Baekhyun one :3 <3 xoxox (check out my blog if you like!!)

    1. Thank you! Yes, he's so cute~! ^3^ Actually, the bottom pieces all fit together in a puzzle! Once you collect all of them you can hook them up together and have a big block of standing paper EXO~
      Oh~ That's true huh! Especially if you've only short hair, you're kinda stuck with the same style for a super long time! Perhaps you should try extensions too! Hehe~

      I think I've looked at your blog before, but I looked again just now! You have really pretty eyes :D

  9. i think you can look good with pretty much any hair, NOT FAIR D:
    i cant wait to see some more photos of you with your extensions
    make sure to take good care of them :)

  10. Ahhh, I had really short hair in the summer and it felt really awkward and it didn't grow back very fast so I was stuck with short hair until recently when it's been a bearable length > , < I think short and long hair suits you though - the hair extensions look really natural * u *
    - Minah


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